Power Transformers-UDT
Step Up/Down Transformer
  • Item No. : Power Transformers-UDT
  • Product Name : Step Up/Down Transformer
Description :

Power: 100VA TO 1500VA

Size: EI-76 to EI-133

Input: 110/220Vac

Output: 220/110Vac

Step Up/Down Transformer with a changeable fuse to be as overload protector.
Features :

* Step up/down transformer*

BT-UDT-100 100VA
BT-UDT-200 200VA
BT-UDT-300 300VA
BT-UDT-400 400VA
BT-UDT-500 500VA
BT-UDT-750 750VA
BT-UDT-1000 1000VA
BT-UDT-1250 1250VA
BT-UDT-1500 1500VA